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Manage account information

  • Can I change my phone number?

    It’s very important that we ensure phone numbers match with the users they belong to. If you’ve changed your phone number, send us an email at support@monetha.io and we’ll get your phone number updated!

  • Can I add another phone number to my account?

    Your phone number is an important part of your identity and participating in transactions on Monetha. At the moment you can only have one phone number associated with your Monetha account.

  • I can’t log in.

    You should have no problems logging in to Monetha with your verified phone, SIM card, and phone number. If you don’t believe any of these have changed, send us an email at support@monetha.io.

  • I want to close my account.

    We’re sorry to see you go! It would help us immensely to know why you are choosing to close your account, but we understand if you don’t want to share that. To close your account, please send us an email at support@monetha.io.


  • How do I get verified?

    There are multiple levels of identity verification on Monetha. To be verified, you can connect social networks you are a part of, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, where you’ve already established your identity. Also, you can upload a photo of a government-issued photo ID.

    At the moment only natural persons can get verified. 

  • Why do I need to verify my identity?

    It is important to verify your identity to maintain the integrity of the system. Your trust rating will go up if you verify your identity. Without identity verification people may be less likely to transact with you. The system will only be safe and secure if people can verify who they are doing business with.

  • How long does it take to get verified?

    It shouldn’t take long to be verified - generally just a few minutes. In some cases it might take longer.

  • What does it mean if my verification is pending or declined?

    While the verification process is generally short, in some cases it may take up to a few hours or days to complete. In the meantime your status will be shown as pending.

    If your identity verification was declined, it was because we could not validate your government-issued ID. Please try again or use another government-issued identity document. You can also contact us at support@monetha.io if you think that your ID was declined in error.

Monetha wallet

  • What is Monetha wallet?

    The purpose of the Monetha wallet is to hold the tokens you earn while using the app.

    It is optional and allows more interaction with the tokens: you can claim them, which moves them from our database onto a public blockchain.

    The wallet can be backed up, restored, and deleted. If you delete it, you will not be able to recover the tokens that have been claimed and stored in that wallet.

    At the moment there is no option to import tokens from a different wallet.

  • How can I top up my wallet?

    Go to the Wallet screen and select "Top up". You will be asked for the amount and cryptocurrency. 

    After pressing "Continue", you will see your wallet's address and the top up amount. You can use this information to transfer funds from a different wallet or an exchange. 

    You can also share the request by pressing the "Share" button on the top right side of the screen or letting others scan the provided QR code. 

  • What are Monetha tokens?

    Monetha tokens unlock various features within the app. They are supplementary, and so are not intended to fully replace other currencies.

    You can earn tokens by using the app and unlocking badges.

    The tokens are stored in our database until claimed. Then they are moved onto a public blockchain.

    The token functionality is still under development and will be improved with future updates.

  • What happens when I claim tokens?

    The tokens you receive in the app are first stored in our database. Claiming them moves the tokens to a smart contract on a public blockchain. This shows your ownership to everyone.

    The claimed tokens can still be used within the app. However, they are locked for any other use, such as selling them or moving to a different wallet.

    The tokens can be unlocked, provided that two conditions are met:

    1. You verify your identity; and
    2. Complete deals with 100 or more other verified users.

  • Can I move my tokens into the wallet?

    Yes, but we do not recommend it. 

    The wallet was designed to hold tokens gained through the app. If you transfer tokens from outside, for example an exchange, they will be in your address, but the app will not show them.