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  • What is Monetha protection?

    Every purchase and transaction's information is saved on the blockchain at the time of the transaction. If you can't resolve your issue, Monetha will step in and help having all the facts from the smart contract in the blockchain.

  • How to use Monetha protection?

    To use Monetha protection, go to the deals page, select the deal you are having problems with, and tap "Report a problem".

    This will send a notification to the other party and keep Monetha in the loop at the same time. If you fail to resolve the issue with the other party, feel free to contact us by messaging Monetha Support through the app and we'll be happy to help you.

  • Who can use Monetha protection?

    If you sealed your deal using the Monetha app and have the digital receipt, you are eligible for protection through Monetha!

  • What happens when I report a problem?

    When you report a problem and are able to resolve it on your own, your reputation will benefit from it. A quick resolution will grant you more points, as this shows that you work well with people.

    The Monetha team always tracks issues, so we will be able to step in if there's a problem. In a worst-case scenario, we'll reimburse the buyer for their purchase and give the seller a warning and negative points if they do not co-operate.

  • I've reported a problem. Can I change or cancel this report?

    To cancel a report, just send us an email at support@monetha.io, and we'll be happy to close the issue for you.