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  • What is Monetha protection?

    Whenever you make a purchase with cryptocurrency, its information is saved on the blockchain at the time of the transaction. If an issue occurs and you can't resolve it, Monetha will step in and help provide all the facts from the smart contract in the blockchain.

  • Who can use Monetha Protection?

    If you sealed your deal using the Monetha app and have the digital receipt, you are eligible for protection through Monetha!

  • How can I resolve disputes with the other party?

    If you are unsatisfied with your deal or order, you can open a dispute to try and solve any issues you have directly with the other party. 

    Opening a dispute will require you to stake some MTH tokens. The other party will have to do the same; we will also temporarily reduce their reputation score. If they fail to solve your dispute, they will not regain their lost reputation, and you will receive all of the staked tokens. 

    To open a dispute, go to the deals page, select the deal you are having problems with, and tap "Open dispute".

  • What happens when I open a dispute?

    When you open a dispute, the other party has 72 hours to respond to it; in the meantime, their reputation score is temporarily reduced.

    If the other party fails to respond in time, the dispute will close and they will permanently lose those reputation points.

    If the other party acknowledges the dispute, they will have to stake some of their MTH tokens to meet your stake. They will then have another 72 hours to provide a resolution to your problem. Otherwise, their reputation points will be lost and all of the staked tokens will go to you.

  • I've opened a dispute. Can I change or cancel it?

    To cancel a dispute, just send us an email at support@monetha.io, and we'll be happy to close the issue for you.

    Also, if the other party acknowledges your dispute and takes steps to solve it, you can simply ignore it when it's your turn to act. Then the dispute will automatically close on its own.