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Blockchain technology

  • What is blockchain?

    Blockchain is a growing list of records containing timestamps and transaction information. Because the ledger is open and distributed, transactions between two parties can be verified and are inherently unmodifiable.

  • How does Monetha use blockchain?

    Monetha uses blockchain to make permanent records of transactions, guaranteeing the parties involved in the transaction and that the transaction actually occurred.

  • What is a "smart contract"?

    A smart contract is a record of code on the blockchain that facilitates, verifies and enforces the conditions of a contract. Because this logic has been saved to the blockchain, the record is permanent, verifiable, and unmodifiable. Smart contracts can always be trusted.

  • What is Ethereum and Ether?

    Ethereum is a distributed blockchain platform on which smart contracts can be created. Decentralized platforms like Ethereum eliminate the chance of fraud, censorship and third-party interference.

    Ether is the cryptocurrency used on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Is Monetha a cryptocurrency?

    Monetha does have tokens, but they are not a cryptocurrency. They function solely within the Monetha platform. Generally, when we refer to Monetha, it is to talk about the platform and reputation system.