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For sellers

  • How do I create a deal?

    To create a deal, select the "More" button at the bottom right of the app, then "Deals", and the green button with a "Plus" sign on it. Then select the blue "I'm selling" option and fill in the details of the item being sold, including related pictures, the price, condition, etc., as prompted.

    That's it! Now you're ready to invite the buyer to formalize the deal using Monetha.

  • What is a public deal?

    Normally, when creating a deal, you have to specify the other party.

    Public deals have no such requirement. It means that anyone willing can join in and trade with you. 

    You can share a public deal with others directly (such as by email or text message), on social media, or use the provided link and post it anywhere you like.

  • How do I import my ad from another platform?

    At the moment, you can't import ads from other platforms. You need to create the deal on Monetha to be able to benefit from Monetha's Reputation System.

    However, you can link your Monetha profile to other platforms where you have deals listed. That way people can see your deal and reputation in the same place.

  • How do I edit a deal?

    To edit a deal, select the deal you want to edit, scroll to the bottom of the page and choose “Edit details”. Once you’re done editing, select the “Update details” button; this will automatically send a notification to the buyer.

  • How do I add photos to my deal?

    You can add pictures to your deal by selecting “Edit deal” found at the bottom of the “Deal details” page. Click “Add more photos” on the “Edit” screen. Then select the “Update details” button.

  • What should I do once a buyer commits to buy?

    Once a buyer has committed to buying, the app will notify you about it. Now the only thing left to do is to sign the deal. When you are ready, tap the green "Sign the deal" button and wait until the buyer does the same on their end. 

    That's it! Congratulations with your sale!

  • Can I cancel an agreement if it’s signed?

    Be confident you want to go through with a purchase before “sealing the deal” because you will not be able to cancel it. If there is a problem with the item, you can report it, and we will help you resolve the issue.

  • How do I contact the buyer?

    In the upper right-hand corner of a deal page and the buyer’s profile there is a phone button. Tap it to call the buyer.

  • What are the available payment options?

    How you are paid is up to you!

    Decide with the buyer what method works for both of you; this could be exchanging cash, a check, using a money transfer app such as Venmo or PayPal, and more. Please exercise caution if you choose to accept checks.

    The buyer can also pay you with the Ether cryptocurrency directly through the app.