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About reputation score

  • What reputation score do I start with?

    New users begin with a base reputation score of 0; but as soon as you start doing things on the platform, your reputation score starts going up. Participating in successful transactions, solving disputes, and more, will continue to increase your reputation score.

  • How can I boost my reputation score?

    You can boost your reputation score by completing transactions, leaving reviews, receiving positive reviews, making sure people are happy with the transactions they make with you, delivering quality products on time, solving disputes, and responding to messages quickly.

  • How is the reputation score calculated?

    A merchant's trust rating factors in whether or not they respond to customers and how quickly, if items are received in good condition and on time, etc.

    The buyer's trust score is based on their claim history, purchase and behavior frequency.

    Reputation points are automatically granted by the system to buyers and sellers alike based on actions taken on the platform, such as creating deals, giving reviews, getting good reviews, etc.

  • What are badges and how do I earn them?

    There are various badges that Monetha users can earn. Earning badges is the result of meeting certain milestones that involve interacting with other people on the platform. Examples of milestones could be completing a certain number of deals, receiving consecutive five star reviews, etc.

  • What is my star rating and why should I care?

    One of the most prominent reputation indicators is the star rating. It runs on a 1 to 5 scale and is based on customer reviews and feedback. The star rating is controlled solely by the users, with no involvement from Monetha. After sealing a deal, alongside the star rating, users are also able leave feedback about things like communication speed, friendliness, speed of delivery, and so on.

  • Can my rating decrease?

    Your rating can decrease if someone deems the item you have sold to be defective or the buyer doesn’t receive the item on time. However, even if someone reports an issue, you can increase your reputation score by quickly solving it.