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About Monetha

  • What is Monetha?

    Monetha is a blockchain-based reputation system that addresses the common problem in e-commerce of not knowing who you are transacting with, if their reviews are real, and if you should trust them. Monetha verifies each user's identity so buyers and sellers can rest assured that they are conducting business in a safe and secure manner.

  • Who should use Monetha?

    Monetha is for anyone buying and selling items from people they don’t know. It’s designed for everyone - no matter where they are located, and independent of what e-commerce platforms they are using.

  • How much does it cost to use Monetha?

    It's your lucky day! Use Monetha as much as you want - for free!

  • How is Monetha different than other sites with reviews?

    Unlike many other sites, Monetha can't be used by sellers to buy many fake reviews. With Monetha, a review can only be left once a transaction is completed. So if you see 100 positive reviews for a seller, you can be certain that 100 people had a positive experience working with them.

    The trust factor on Monetha is higher because both the buyer's and the seller's identities are verified and interactions with those parties can be tracked across various platforms. Because everyone's identities have been verified, if the activity does end up fraudulent or unsatisfactory, Monetha can quickly track down the real offenders.

    This level of certainty is possible because all activity and reviews are recorded using a new technology called "blockchain" - once an action has been added to the blockchain, not only is the record everlasting, but it also can't be changed. (Learn more about the blockchain here)