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About Monetha

  • What is Monetha?

    Monetha is a blockchain-based reputation system that addresses the common problem in e-commerce of not knowing who you are transacting with, if their reviews are real, and if you should trust them. Monetha helps buyers and sellers conduct business in a safe and secure manner.

  • Who should use Monetha?

    Monetha is for people buying and selling items from people they don’t know. It’s designed for everyone—no matter where they are located, and independent of what e-commerce platforms they are using.

  • How much does it cost to use Monetha?

    It's your lucky day! Use Monetha as much as you want—for free!

  • How is Monetha different from other sites with reviews?

    Unlike many other sites, Monetha can't be used by sellers to buy many fake reviews. With Monetha, a review can only be left once a transaction is completed. So if you see a seller with 100 positive reviews, you can be certain that 100 people had a positive experience working with them.

    This level of certainty is possible because all activity and reviews are recorded using a new technology called "blockchain"—once an action has been added to the blockchain, not only is the record everlasting, but it also can't be changed. (Learn more about blockchain here.)