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Safety and Security

  • What is a fake review and how does Monetha solve it?

    A fake review is a review someone writes without having had an actual experience with the buyer or seller in question. Fake reviews can also be created by fake identities. You will not find fake reviews on Monetha because Monetha always links reviews with completed transactions done by real people.

  • Does Monetha provide a fraud protection?

    Monetha does provide fraud protection. If anything unexpected happens during your transaction, Monetha will help you come to a resolution.

  • Why should I trust Monetha's data?

    Monetha is intent on creating a global system that is safe, secure and trustworthy for buyers and sellers alike. We only want people to have the best experiences with their transactions and we do everything we can to provide true and accurate information. To this end, we ensure that everyone's identity is verified and that all reviews are connected to transactions that have been completed. All transactions are stored on a blockchain which is a technology that ensures reviews and ratings cannot be altered.