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Manage account information

  • Can I change my phone number?

    It’s very important that we ensure phone numbers match with the users they belong to. If you’ve changed your phone number, send us an email at support@monetha.io and we’ll get your phone number updated!

  • Can I add another phone number to my account?

    Your phone number is an important part of your identity and participating in transactions on Monetha. At the moment, you can only have one phone number associated with your Monetha account.

  • I can’t log in.

    You should have no problems logging in to Monetha with your verified phone, SIM card, and phone number. If you don’t believe any of these has changed, send us an email at support@monetha.io.

  • I want to close my account.

    We’re sorry to see you go! It would help us immensely to know why you have decided to close your account, but we understand if you don’t want to share that. To close your account, please send us an email at support@monetha.io.