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For buyers

  • How do I pay with cryptocurrency?

    Paying via Monetha's payment gateway is easy. But if you are new to cryptocurrencies, you might still have some questions. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make a payment with cryptocurrency.

    What you will need to pay

    You will need a cryptocurrency wallet and Ethereum or some Ethereum based tokens in it*. The Monetha wallet is perfect for this job. However, if you have different preferences, you can use any other wallet that supports ERC20 tokens. 

    *For buying ETH we recommend Kraken and the following guide: https://support.kraken.com/hc/en-us/articles/203053186-Currency-Exchange-Buying-Selling-and-Currency-Pair-Selection

    Payment methods

    There are several ways to pay a Monetha invoice from your Ethereum wallet. 

    A. Scan the QR Code

    Scan the QR code to open the payment in your mobile wallet. The wallet will lock in with the correct receiving Ethereum address and sending amount. Then make the payment.

    B. Send the Payment Manually

    Copy the wallet address from the invoice and paste it into your wallet's "Send" screen. Be sure to send the exact amount to the address. You will see the order status in the Payment screen.

    The payment will be reflected instantly on the invoice when you hit "Send" in your wallet. Remember to send your payment during the 60-minute payment window.

    Have more questions? 

    Please write at team@monetha.io

  • What is a public deal?

    Normally, when creating a deal, you have to specify the other party.

    Public deals have no such requirement. It means that anyone willing can join in and trade with you. 

    You can share a public deal with others directly (such as by email or text message), on social media, or use the provided link and post it anywhere you like.

    If you have found a public deal on the web, you can press "I'm interested"—then you will enter into the deal and become a party to it. You will still be able to negotiate the details or cancel the deal before signing it. 

  • How do I make a purchase through Monetha?

    When you find an item you want to purchase, communicate with the seller and suggest them to make a deal through Monetha.

    Inviting the seller to use Monetha is easy—just click the “I'm buying” button, type in brief information about the item, and enter the seller’s phone number. The seller will receive this information to their phone and download the Monetha app if they don’t already have it. Then the seller will then create the deal on Monetha and send it to you. You will receive a text message notification when the deal has been sent.

    Once you have the deal open in the Monetha app and agree to everything described on the “Deal details” page, click the green “I’m ready to seal the deal” button.

  • How do I edit an agreement?

    If there is some information you want edited, communicate with the seller to decide on the aspects of the deal you want to change. The seller will then need edit the deal for you. Make sure you don’t sign a deal before you are 100% certain you agree to all the details.

  • How do I extend the time limit to accept a deal?

    You can ask the seller to extend the time limit for the deal, so you have some more time before making the actual exchange.

  • What should I do when I commit to buy?

    When you are ready to commit to buy, click the green “I’m ready to seal the deal” button at the bottom of the “Deal details” page to move forward with the transaction. 

    You will then have the option to "Sign the deal". Note that you will not be able to finalize the deal until the seller first signs it on their end. 

    After the deal is signed, that's it! Congratulations with your purchase!

  • Can I cancel the contract if it’s signed?

    You will not be able to cancel a contract once you’ve signed the deal, so make sure you are confident in your purchase decision! If there is a problem with the item, you can report it and ask the seller to address it. We will support you throughout the process.

  • Can I return an item?

    There are two instances in which you can return an item.

    If a seller includes in the description of their item that they accept returns, you will be able to return the item.

    Additionally, if the item you've purchased is defective, find the receipt from your deal by clicking “Deals”. At the bottom of the receipt, select “Open dispute”, explain to the seller what has happened, and provide as much detail as possible. 

  • What are the available payment options?

    Your payment options are essentially the payment types that the seller is willing to take. This could range from cash to check to PayPal to any other bank transfer application.

    You can also choose to pay with the Ether cryptocurrency directly through the app. 

  • What if I want to buy multiple items from one seller?

    To buy multiple items from one seller, you will need to do separate transactions for each item.

    This is to ensure that a smart contract is created for each sale and that the transaction is stored in the blockchain. If your transactions are positive, having multiple transactions will increase your trust rating.