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Monetha wallet

  • What is the Monetha wallet?

    The purpose of the Monetha wallet is to hold the vouchers you earn while using the app and Monetha's payment gateway. You can also use it to store, pay and get paid with the Ether cryptocurrency. 

    We automatically make a Monetha wallet for you when you create a new Monetha account. 

    The wallet can be backed up. However, to access this functionality, and to make payments, you will need your password. Please don't forget it, as the password can't be recovered.

    At the moment, the wallet displays only Ether. You can move your MTH tokens into it, but they will not be shown. 

  • How can I top up my wallet?

    Go to the Wallet screen and select the blue "Plus" button. You will be asked for the amount. 

    After pressing "Continue", you will see your wallet's address and the top up amount. You can use this information to transfer funds from a different wallet or an exchange. 

    You can also share the request by pressing the "Share" button at the top right side of the screen or letting others scan the provided QR code. 

  • What are Monetha vouchers?

    Monetha vouchers unlock various features within the app. Currently, you can use them with Monetha's payment gateway to receive some money back on your purchases. This only works when buying with Ether.  

    You can earn Monetha vouchers via our Loyalty Program: by paying with Ether on the Monetha app and payment gateway. 

    You can also earn vouchers by participating in Monetha's Token Holder Program

  • Can I move my tokens into the wallet?

    Yes, but we only recommend doing that with the Ether cryptocurrency. 

    The wallet was designed to hold only Ether. If you transfer other tokens, even the Monetha token, they will be in your address, but the app will not show them.