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"Buy Now" button

  • Add a customized "Buy Now" button

    Here are the steps you will need to start using the "Buy Now" button:


    1. Set up "Buy Now" button

    a. Visit the "Buy now" button creation page.

    b. Set the "API Token" that was provided to you by the Monetha team. You can also define "Return URL" where users should be redirected when a purchase is completed.


    c. Set the product information that you are going to sell via the Monetha "Buy now" button:

    • Product name
    • Item ID (your internal id, for order tracking)
     d. Customise the button's text and size.
     e. Click "Create button" after you add all required information.

    2. Add "Buy Now" button to your site

    a. After you click "Create button", HTML code and required Javascript code will be generated. 


    b. Place this code in your site depending on its configuration: e.g. in Wordpress you can simply put the button and javascript code on the same page.


    That's it! You are ready to accept cryptocurrency!

    You can create as many "Buy now" buttons as you need to your website and avoid any integration overhead.

    If you have any questions or requests, feel free to ask them via merchants@monetha.io